Day 39

Today is our second day in Nashville. We woke up at Tom’s house and he had made us all a fantastic breakfast before we headed out for the day. We left Tom’s house and met up with brother Jake’s family who sponsored a lunch for us at Martin’s BBQ which was phenomenal. After that, the group was able to walk around Nashville and explore the city for a little bit. The group split up into couple different groups and went around the city to see the different sites. Around 4:30 we all met back up to go get a sponsored dinner at San Antonio tacos.That was also a great dinner considering the man who sponsored us has been going there for years. Our Sponsor works for The National Organization as The Director of Communication, Todd Shelton. After we were done with dinner we took a photo out in front of the restaurant and then went back to lodging for a chill night in before we left for camp the next morning.