Day 41: Rockford Illinois, July 19th 2019

    Today was the teams last “century day” of the trip and we were all eager to get out on the road. The team woke up at 5:15am and quickly got their belongings together and in the vans. All the cyclists were on the road by 6:30am to start the 120 mile trip. The ride was hot and humid from the start as we crossed the Mississippi River as well as the Iowa-Illinois border, but the team had a nice break at mile 70 where we stopped in Dixon, IL for lunch that was sponsored by Pi Alpha Harry McCoy. With the sun at its peak of the day, the team continued their ride to Rockford with 50 miles remaining. Despite the 100+ degree weather, the entire team was finished with the ride by 4pm! Upon arrival, the team was greeted with delicious chocolate milk provided by our PM, Jeff. We then had a few hours of free time to get clean and settled before dinner. Our meal was at a tasty Mexican restaurant called Lucha Cantina which was sponsored by Pi Alpha Doug Meenan and his family. After a large and delicious meal, the team went back to lodging where we had another hour or so before lights out. Some guys lounged around and rested after the long day as others watched a movie or played some basketball. No matter what activity we ended our night with, the team is excited for tomorrows ride to Madison, WI and yet another state line crossed.

-Justas Klimavicius, KE #52