Day 43

Today was our first full day of work because they rain finally let up, and we had everything we needed for a great day! We had two teams working, one was working on a pool house, and one was working on a large cabin. Both projects were pretty scary since we didn’t have any roofing experience, and both roofs were steep

since there aren’t any campers at this camp, we have a lot of time for team bonding, and to prepare ourselves for arrival. The week is quickly coming to an end, and the team isn’t really sure how to deal with the fact that in less than a week we will be back at home away from the men that we have all grow so close to. We are making every moment count with the time we have left. I can’t wait to walk o the steps of the capital with my team, but I also don’t want this trip to end. It is a very bittersweet week.