Day 44

Today was our last day on the work site, and we only got to work until about 3 PM because it started to pour rain. We realized that this was the last time we would all work together as a team, and we all got super bummed. That quickly changed when we realized that we shouldn’t spend our last day sad. So, we all went outside and played in the downpour. It was so much fun, it reminded me of the end of the movie holes. We just finished a really hard, and amazing summer, and it was time to pack up and hit the road. Writing this entry I can’t help but feel so filled with joy that tears are filling my eyes. This trip has been such a life to change the experience. I can’t imagine my life without the guys that I have met. 

Every Pi Alpha that we have come across has told us that this would be a summer that would forever change our view on “the ideal chapter”. It really has, I have never experienced such true brotherhood like I did this summer, there isn’t one guy on this team that I don’t completely trust. This team would not have worked without every single man on this team. Whether it was a laugh when everyone was feeling frustrated, or a guiding hand when boys were lost someone had something to give that the team needed. Without the direction of the crew and PM I honestly don’t think I would’ve made it past week two. 

Every week had its own challenges and successes but without the men here today we would not have been able to successfully complete this trip. 

Thank you to the 2017 Project Manager, Crew Members, and team for making this summer such a life-changing experience, and for giving me the tools needed to go back to my chapter and strive to make it the ideal chapter.