Day 45

We were expected to be at Bethesda at 5 pm for the JOH and BAM dinner. The whole team woke up at 3 am today because we have a 10 hr drive ahead of us. 

Everyone’s really used to a long drive. Instead of stopping every 2 hrs and go to a gas station to stretch, use the bathroom, or even buy snacks and drinks. We only stopped 2 times out of the whole trip and arrived at Bethesda at 2:30 pm. 

When we heard that we’re gonna stay with the ΠΑ ride along for the night, we were excited. We are one day closer to being a ΠΑ, and there’s just a lot of questions that we would like to ask them. 

Unfortunately, the dinner didn’t happen, but it’s amazing seeing four routes coming together and knowing that we all did something meaningful in this summer.