Day 46

Well, today is the day. We are waking up early for our arrival into Washington D.C. on the capitol lawn for everyone to see us. We all woke up around 6:30-7 to get ready and meet before hand. Once we all got to the meeting area we lined up the vans with Build America first to lead, crew vans for JOH then the cyclists following behind. As we drove through D.C. to the lawn, the feeling was unforgettable. We all knew this was when the trip was ending and once we arrived and got out of the vans and saw everyone waiting there to see us, the feeling itself is unexplainable. We started walking up and everyone was cheering, taking photos and videos of us as we walked by. Once we got to the top of the lawn we all lined up in pillars and waited for the speeches to start. Our PM Nick moved our hearts as he talked about our trip and what we did. All of us laughing and crying to the inside jokes and hearing how the summer went, realizing that everything came so fast to a sudden end. After the speeches were over family and friends took photos with us and then back to the hotel. Arrival was such an experience that I cannot explain, but a memory myself and the rest will never forget.