Day 49: Kalamazoo Michigan, July 27th 2019

An 83 mile ride into Kalamazoo, Michigan was the destination for today. I rode with three trusty pals on the ride today Phil, David, and Derek. Along the ride, we all had great conversations about everything under the sun. The time on the bike seems to be completely distorted this far along on the trip where 7 hours feels like 30 minutes. It is already day 49 and many of us can not believe that we are two weeks away from our arrival on the Capitol lawn. It seems as if we were all awkwardly trying to remember each others names in San Francisco. Since that time however, I have met some of the most amazing people in my life. The true goodness of youth men in America is found within the Journey of Hope 2019 North team. The intrinsic changes we all underwent is immeasurable and the people with disabilities have no idea how much our hearts are turning into being lifelong servants. Can not wait to cross that lawn with these brothers.

-Brando Dill Winthrop University – Epsilon Eta