Day 5

Today we left Boston, and headed to The Woodlands Camp, in Wexford Pennsylvania! We got up at 7:00 AM, (which is much earlier than we had been getting up, so YAY for spleeping in!) and packed the vans, and we were off to the first camp! We were heading to camp, and I was feeling a lot of different emotions. I was tired, and anxious to meet the campers, and I was nervous about the projects we would be doing, but most of all I was excited to dive into the work, and to start impacting other people’s lives. We were planning on getting to the camp around 6:30, but we didn’t get in until around 9:30 that evening. Calculating stops, and not realizing that we couldn’t go the speed limit with all of our tools weighing the vans down. It was good to have the time together though. When we get to the camps it is very fast paced, so the being in the van gives us plenty of time to bond with one another. This was our first long van ride as a team, and I gotta say that being in the van with everyone really showed me more of who the guys are, and how well we will work together. 

We got to the camp, and everyone was super excited to be there, and to see what the camp was like. Since we didn’t get in until the late evening, we couldn’t meet any of the campers, but just being in the cmap environment gives everyone a great feeling, after all, it is hard to be in a bad mood when you’re at summer camp, right? I am really excited to spend our first week at camp, and to see how we as a team will overcome the obstacles that come up. It is going to be a great week! 

Andrew Miller

Social Media Corrdinator