Day 50: East Lansing Michigan, July 28th 2019

Today started with a pretty quick wake up. We had a long 80 mile ride into East Lansing. After a rough, yet gorgeous bike path it  slowed the overall pace down, and the team kicked it into high gear to ensure we made the rack time. From there, we had an awesome Friendship Visit at the Helping Hands Respite Center where we played some Uno, checkers, and an all new JOH special indoor Hybrid Frisbee game. After a medal ceremony from the people of Helping Hands to us, the team rested up in lodging until dinner. Karl Ochs sponsored our meal with a killer trip to the HopCat. After dinner, a bunch of the gang hopped back on our bikes to explore the beautiful, massive campus that is Michigan State University.

-Kyle K.
Kappa Chapter