Day 55: Cleveland Ohio (off day), August 2nd 2019

Today the team woke up and had a wonderful breakfast waiting thanks to our sponsor Clay. Over the two days he consistently had food and drinks ready in case the team wasn’t hungry. It ended up being a very special off day for a lot of the team because we had a friendship visit at the Cleveland clinic. While getting a tour of the facility and seeing the work they do, we also got to interact with patients of the clinic. These children despite dealing with extreme hardships were so happy and strong hearted. After eating outside at the playground with them they allowed us to do our dance and the team realized that it would probably be the last time we get to do it this summer. While Will Pechous was probably happy to not have to do another split this summer, the team as a whole savored the moment. To finish off the day we were lucky enough to get sponsored tickets to the Cleveland Indians game where they defeated the Angels and scored five runs in the first inning!! As one of the teams last major cities we could not have asked for a better time and made ever lasting memories with the team.

– Joseph Caggiano, R.I.T (Theta Psi)