Day 57: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, August 4th 2019


Today, our team rode from Niles all the way into our 12th state Pennsylvania.The ride was 65 miles and we got back into the swing of things as the route consisted of some steep climbs but the team powered through and made our way to Pittsburgh! The team had some down time before we headed to Bicycle Heaven, the worlds largest bike shop! We were very amazed by the different variety’s of bikes that the store had to offer as we toured around for an hour! After the visit we got treated to dinner at Cranberry Sports Bar and Grill where got to eat some delicious pasta and tasty wings! The team headed back to our lodging where we played pick up basketball till the sun went down and then continued by playing card games. As we approach our final off day and last 4 rides, we are soaking up our last time together.

– Cal Wonham, University of Colorado-Boulder
Eta Gamma