Day 7

Today was the Fourth of July and I could not think of a better way to spend my day than serving those with disabilities. We as a team woke up at 7 a.m. then proceeded to eat breakfast. The project we are working on is a retaining wall. Also with a patio and fireplace that we have to build. We have made great progress on the wall so far and plan on starting the paving for the patio around the fireplace tomorrow. It is located down a short trail from Camp Woodlands in which another team almost finished the path to the patio area. I am currently the lead on the on the project and have been helped greatly by the understanding of my brothers.

Lunch rolled around and we had hotdogs with beans to celebrate the nation’s anniversary. Then we went straight back to work on the retaining wall and the path. We finished our work early in order to serve and have dinner with the campers. In which a met a camper named Anthony who had a ton to say about his activities. I found out he loved to play drums and comes to the camp at all times of the year. He seemed so enthused and was extremely polite. I met another camper while we were in line to get dinner and his name is J.J.  He told me the coolest story that he works security for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then I told him how big of a Steelers fan I am. We continued to bash the Cleveland Browns as I helped carry his food back to the table.

After dinner we went to Sound Effects Program in which we read stories and played instruments when a certain word was said. Like in a story with sharks we used the drums and when we heard the word swim we used tambourines. The evening finished with the campers singing songs.

The two that I liked the most were by a camper named Amber and George. Amber sang a song she wrote about her best friend. Then George wrote a song about his nephew. George’s song was to his niece that she was getting a little brother named Wyatt Andrew because she wouldn’t understand. Then it turned into a giant dance party of Taylor Swift songs. Getting to interact with campers is one of the best feelings on this trip. After a long day of work it is great to go hangout with them and put a smile on their face.