Friday, August 11, 2017

There is only one day left… as we head to Bethesda, MD the team grows even closer. You can see that it hasnt set in that in one day everyone parts ways returning to their normal lifes. Ita crazy how close we have gotten and become more than a team, we have become a family. Everyone talks, laughs, and cries together. We have spent every moment for the last 60 days together. Strangers only two months ago and now something words can not explain.
The ride today was taken slighty more easy than normal with everyone enjoying each mile. A beautiful ride with great people. It seemed to end too soon.
Tonight we all sat in a big circle just talking and planning visits with one another. We talk about memories of the trip and how crazy tomorrow will be.
We were reunited with Clay and showed him the hand bike he would ride in. He couldnt believe it, but we were going to do anything to make sure our 38 out were 38 in. Our family wasnt whole until he came back, those 3 weeks without him were odd but came to an end.
The trips going to be over but the people I have met and memories i have made will be in our hearts forever.

Journey of Hope
North Route