Friday, July 14, 2017

On a much needed day off in Wichita, the team woke up for breakfast and enjoyed some relaxing free time before heading to  another Arrowhead West center for a lunch friendship visit. We ate a delicious taco buffet, played board games, and admired the Journey of Hope themed decorations covering their walls. Before we left, they presented us with a small wire sculpture of a bike mounted on a tree trunk cross section for each state we pass through, which was awesome! We then drove straight to Rainbows United for our second friendship visit of the day, and our first with an organization dedicated strictly to helping children with disabilities, which was a new and very rewarding experience for us all. The visit was topped off by a massive shaving cream war that had us so covered we were indistinguishable from each other! After taking quick showers we headed to dinner at our sponsor’s office where we had yet another amazing taco buffet. Thank you to Scott Brown for the awesome dinner! Right after dinner, there was no hesitation passing out in our Wichita State dorm rooms to get enough sleep for tomorrow’s century ride to Emporia. Loving Kansas so far!

Author: Frank D’Amico, Cyclist (Delta Alpha Chapter, Virginia Tech)