Friday, July 28, 2017

We started our morning with a delicious breakfast sponsored by the parents of one of our cyclists, Cody Carey. A spread of sausage biscuits and gravy, bacon, fruit, coffee, and donuts from a local shop was the perfect way to start our day. Following breakfast, half our team went back to lodging at Cathedral High School to do team runs or to take a nap. The other half went to the Major Taylor Velodrome to see Coach Dean and to ride around the banked oval track. The team enjoyed learning from Dean how to properly ride around the professional cycling race track to record fast lap times. Despite having a day off to rest the legs, we couldn’t stay away from our bikes!

We then had lunch and friendship visit at a place called The Noble of Indianapolis. They have services that help individuals with disabilities experience the same opportunity we all enjoy. We took part in activities like basketball, frisbee golf, bingo, and getting creative in their art studio. We made keychains and painted on canvas while they were playing therapeutic music used to calm your nerves and stimulate creativity. It was relaxing!

Our dinner sponsor’s son was a two time Pi Alpha and graduate of Purdue. We arrived at their house a couple hours early to hang out in their pool and chill. A few of our friends at Purdue made the ride down to see me and all the other TransAm Purdudes, and it was cool to see them all again! The dinner was amazing. All sorts of grilled meats with sides and homemade cupcakes filled us up real quick. Definitely one of my favorite meals of the trip!

After we got back to lodging I was able to meet up with my family for a little bit before lights out. My mom brought homemade cookies for the team and snacks/drinks for our 120 mile ride tomorrow to Cincinnati. It was great passing through my hometown and seeing them!

Author: Alex Benson, Cyclist (Omega Chapter, Purdue University)