Friday, July 7, 2017

The previously long day of 95 miles into Fort Morgan left our legs weak and sore. Upon 5:00 AM wake up, an 85 mile ride ahead seemed to be a large and tiring endeaver. Yet, just like so many other days we set aside the negativities bombarding our mind and peddle our feet one stroke at a time. Today, I rode with Greg Sheibly and Peter Glyman. The ride started off as beautifully as it usually does early in the morning, when the sun is still rising. Unfortunately, Pete obtained two flat tires in the matter of the first ten miles. We could not figure what kept causing the flats which eventually lead to Pete’s first rack of the trip. As the ride carried on Greg and I picked up Matt O’brien to ride with us. The three of us faced a treturous head wind for almost the remainder of the ride. I would argue that a tackling a head wind is worse than tackling a mountain. The rolling hills were beautiful which made me truely appretiate some of the land in this country that many people dont get to see up close in personal. Today was another true testimont of our physicallity and ability to compose our frustrations.

We arrived in Wray, Colorado after around 5 hours on the saddle. Staying in Wray Rehabilitation an Activities Center, Inc. was one of the best lodging experiences we have had thus far. There is nothing like jumping in to a cool pool after long ride on the bike. Dinner was fantastic as well which was all home cooked. Again, much needed after a long day. We played basketball with local cub scouts after dinner which helped make our stay welcoming and fun (they helped provide dinner as well). It is always a great time interacting with new people who are willing to open up there arms and provide for others. The 2017 JOH team and I are thankful for individuals like the ones at the Wray Rehabilitation an Activities Center, Inc. who help us make our Journey across the country.

Daniel Gramer

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln