Friday, June 16, 2017

Today’s ride was a perfect day back after having a rest day in South Lake Tahoe California. It also marked the first state line we would cross, so we were all very excited to get the quick 35 miles knocked out to Carson City Nevada.

After leaving our wo derful lodging we hit a massive mountain that we had to climb, and man was it steep. After 5 miles of uphill climbing we made it to the top, and had a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe, and the Nevada desert. This was my first time ever seeing so much flat and dry land, and i was amazing by everything. After flying down the mountain we had just climbed up we got our first tast of the hot Nevada sun. After we got stopped in construction traffic, we made friends with the lady directing traffic and convinced her to let us all go through as a big group to get out of the heat.

Once we reached Carson City we headed straigh to the Boys and Girls Club of Carson City, and we were treated like rock stars. All the kids were so excited to see us and give us high fives. After we had a big welcome ceremony. After eating way to much pasta we had the chance to play a huge game of kickball, and had the best time of the whole trip so far. We all felt like little kids again, and everyone was sad to leave. As we left all the kids were lined up on the fence, which made it really hard to leave.


Everett Fuller

Samford University