Friday, June 21, 2019

Travel day! We finished up at our first camp, Akron Rotary Camp. We had breakfast at the camp and then hit the road to head to Indianapolis for lunch at Newks sponsored by Todd Shelton. After our short stop for lunch we travelled the rest of the way to St. Louis. Once we got to St. Louis we stopped at Christian Brothers College to unpack our stuff and get situated for the night. Once we got all of that ready we headed to Sugarfire BBQ to eat a sponsored dinner from the Foerstels, they then took us to an ice cream place across the street which was delicious! After dinner and dessert the Foerstels took us to play Demoball and Laser Tag and it was a blast! The time flew by as we were playing and it was a great evening!

– Mahfouz Batshoun Beta Gamma University of Louisville