Friday, June 28, 2019

This morning we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Wonderland Camp and all of the great friends we made. We left after an early breakfast and began our drive to Grand Island, Nebraska. Along the way we stopped in Kansas City where we met with Christian Wiggins, the former COO of Pi Kappa Phi, for a wonderful lunch at Granite City.

When we arrived in Grand Island we were greeted by members of the ARC of Central Nebraska. This was our first friendship visit of the Summer and it was an amazing experience. The sponsors of this visit have been sponsoring visits from BAM and JoH teams since 1993. Many of the individuals we met had been meeting with teams since they were children and it was really incredible to see how much they appreciated us visiting, even though it was only for a few hours.

I personally had the opportunity to sit with Andrea Spencer, her daughter Mallory, and Tammy Nance. The three of them have been involved with The Ability Experience, and formerly PUSH America, teams for over two and a half decades. It was truly wonderful to see how much they cared about the teams and how much they appreciated the visits.  I know that the entire team much like myself was truly grateful for the warm welcome and the delicious food.

– Tony Lindeman Iota Georgia Tech