Friday, June 30, 2017

Today the team made the trip from Casper to Wheatland, Wyoming, having an astounding time of nine hours for accomplishing 125 miles. Along the scenic view of the state river and hills, the cyclists were able to see beautifully vibrant red Angus cows and antelopes frolicking in alongside of the highway. After the long journey, we arrived at lodging and showered. We had a meal sponsored by the Cattlewomen of Wheatland Wyoming who had prepared freshly cut roast beef sandwiches from the local red angus cows of Wyoming. After we finished our meal, these ladies taught us all about the history of cattle farming and how one lady was a relative of one of the first cattle migrators of the mid 1800s. It was extremely pleasing to learn how passionate they were about their local beef and how greatly appreciative they are of our mission. They’ve been sponsoring the TransRoute since the beginning! The rest of the night consisted of everyone resting up after the long trip. 

Author: Luke Miller, Crew Member (Zeta Epsilon Chapter, George Mason University)