Friday, June 7th, 2019

June 7th, 2019 TransAm

Today we rode a quick and relatively easy 85 miles from Yakima to Richland, Washington. We hit the rode early and in turn got off early as well. Naturally, our legs were sore from Rainier but the beauty of the Washington countryside and the high spirits of the team kept our minds occupied as we moved on. Upon our arrival to the Richland Community Center we took some downtime to go to Walmart and work on our bikes. Then the real fun started. For dinner, The Arc of Tri-Cities hosted a wonderful dinner and an even greater dance party. We are very thankful for their hospitality! The dance party lasted longer than expected and was full of laughter and smiles. One Arc member, Evan, was very keen of throwing an imaginary lasso around team members and dragging them onto the dance floor. Needless to say, we made so many delightful connections and felt the joy that radiated from the people we met. Day 3 of the Trans-America 2019 trek was a great success. Although some people got flat tires and battle fatigue, it was inspiring to spend time with people that face much greater challenges everyday of their lives. That is why we do it, and it is wonderful to see what kind of positive impact this trip is having on all of us and others already. Day 3 complete, onto the next!

-Campbell Crockett