Friday, May 11, 2018

Today was the 2nd day of our wonderful journey on the trip of a lifetime. We woke up early and were greeted with a nice practice ride around the FIU campus. A total of 10 miles allowed us enough time to get used to how we will be riding on the road and practice our various call outs and safety precautions. While we are still very new, we were greeted with compliments around the board and overall had a very safe and fun ride. After the ride we had a bit of programming about the physical and mental side of biking and how those two intermix. After, we had a meal with all of the wonderful members of the Ability Experience Board of Directors and it was a wonderful experience. To be able to meet so many people who have dedicated their lives to the Ability Experience was inspiring to say the least. Finally, we were given some time to relax and bond as a team and was a very great step forward
in forming the brotherhood we will make throughout the rest of this trip. Tomorrow we are doing our first real practice ride and speaking for all of us when we say we are happily anticipating this ride and the ability to really get our legs stretched and working.