Friday, May 26, 2017

Today was our ride to Live Oak and it went well with a few “bumps” on the road. It was so nice waking up in a real bed and having an awesome breakfast at the hotel sponsored by John Powers. He even came in the morning to send the boys off. The beginning had a lot of turns but the crew did well marking all of them with a small reroute. In the beginning tho Andre broke another spoke on his bike and was devastated. We got the cyclists on the long straight away road and I took him to the bike shop to get a new set of wheels. Meanwhile the cyclists got stuck behind a very slow moving train. Eventually it passed and Andre and I returned to the team and continued forward. I set up a nice lunch on the side of he road in some shade. We got to lodging showered, and departed to our friendship visit with the arc of north Florida. The visit was great! We had good food, some dancing and games of bottchee ball. We ended the night with the team clean of the vans which was hard but fun and came back to lodging with the excitement of the final day to come in the morning.
– Sam Reihs (University of Toledo)