July 1, 2017 – Grants, NM to Albuquerqu, NM – 105 miles 

Today we went from Grants to Albuquerque. After some small hiccups with construction, we made it to our lodging for the night at First Presbyterian Church. For dinner, we went to ARCA for dinner. I personally hadn’t had quacamole in 5 weeks, so needless to say I was pretty stoked.

Brendan and I met William who communicated via sign l anguage. Brendan was far more fluent, but it was super cool having someone to help me communicate. We also found out some of the residents were cyclists like our team. They pulled out their sick rides and showed them off to the team. If it weren’t for the rain they were gonna take them out for a spin. It was really cool because as we are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Ability Experience and the 30th of The Journey of Hope, ARCA was celebrating their 60th. 

Jackson Wilborn 

Dlets Chi (Kansas State)