July 11, 2017 – Snyder to Abilene – 80 miles 

 Tuesday was a particularly special day for me because it was my birthday. Not only was I able to spend it with my team but also with the amazing people of Abilene. After a long tough ride on the rough back roads of Texas we arrived at Disabilities Resources Inc., for lunch.  This friendship visit was an amazing experience! Everybody at the arrival treated us like the Beatles, greeting us with home made signs, high fives, USA chants, and explosive attitudes that gave us the energy to dance the afternoon away. 
After our dance party we freshened up at Zion Lutheran Church and went off to dinner. We ate at Perrini Ranch, a famous local restaurant, where we enjoyed fried catfish that was prepared excellently. Washed it down with some sweet tea and finished it off with some homemade bread pudding. Special thanks to Wehmeyer family for the dinner and the city of Abilene for making my birthday an unforgettable day!
JC Polizzi 
Theta Delta (Florida International University)