July 16, 2017 – Dallas, TX to Terrell, TX  – 50 miles  

Today, was an easier ride for the team. Being just under 50 miles my pace line decided to take this ride easy and enjoy the views. Little did we know that in the last five miles we would get rained on for the second day in a row. However, we found the rain refreshing considering all of the desert and heat we have journeyed through so far. 
Once we arrived in Terrell we had lunch with the local Lion’s Club. They did not live down the rumors of the southern hospitality and provided us with chicken fried steak, potatoes, beans, and a delicious peach cobbler. I believe that Texas is the one state that I have actually gained weight on this trip so far. 
For dinner we had a friendship visit with the clients of the Terrell State School. We shared a dinner of pulled pork and brisket with them and enjoyed getting to know them. This school helps children and young adults of varying levels of ability improve their level of functioning and our time there was a blast! 
We were blessed again to stay in a hotel sponsored by the Terrell Chamber of Commerce where we had the comforts of a bed and personal bathrooms. Today was a great day and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow’s century ride has in store for us.  
Scott McMicken 
Alpha Delta (University of Washington)