July 21, 2017 –  Monroe, LA to Vicksburg, Mississippi – 80 miles

After a great day off at the lake, we headed to Vicksburg, Mississippi where we crossed the Mississippi River into our seventh state. We started off the day in the vans due to road construction, this turned our 80 mile day into a slightly shorter ride. After crossing the river the team took pictures by the state sign and then hopped back on the bikes for a short ride to lunch.

 We had a great lunch with Pizza in a park sponsored by a fellow Pi Alpha Craig White, then shortly after we had to climb a steep hill to get back up to lodging. We had the pleasure to stay in a YMCA where we had the opportunity to play raquetball, table tennis and basketball. To finish off the day we had a delicious catfish dinner provided by another Pi Alpha named William Jernigan and his family. This day marked another mile stone on our journey across the country and another great day.
Evan Hosna 
Delta Delta (Truman State University)