July 22, 2017 – Vicksburg, MS to Brandon, MS – 27 miles 
 Today we rode into Brandon, Mississippi. It was a nice ride with about 27 miles worth of cycling, which has been one of our shortest days but a very special one still. We ended our ride with an arrival at an airport and spent the day with the Arc of Mississippi at their Journey Skyward event. There, we had the honor to help many differently abled people into airplanes  so they could experience flight for the first time ever. It was great meeting the people and seeing their excitement to have our help loading and unloading them into the airplanes, as well as their great appreciation for the bike ride we are completing to help raise awareness for them.
We also had the great pleasure to work with the Mustard Seeds. This was an organization that puts their clients to work with painting ceramics and selling them to many different customers. The clients seemed to really enjoy sharing their roles in the organization and we all enjoyed learning about what they have been able to accomplish with the mustard seed organization. It was another fantastic and humid day in the south.
Brandon Deputy 
Theta Iota (Washington State University)