July 5, 2017 – Carrizozo, NM to Roswell, NM – 95 miles 

Today was a beautiful day in Roswell New Mexico. The team woke up and pushed our bicycles 95 miles from Carrizozo. But not before enjoying a nuitritious and most importantly hot continental breakfast compliments of the First Baptist Church of Carizozo. The entire group of cyclists and crew worked fluidly together and because of this were much more powerful than the strong head winds that woke up as early as we did, and decided to stick around until the afternoon. The ride was quick and the whole team was automatic, ready for anything.

The stop for the day was Roswell, New Mexico. A city made famous for their annual UFO festival, numerous UFO sightings, and even alleged UFO crash landings. Upon arriving in Roswell the team enjoyed the extra terrestrial decorated shopping districts, alien themed restaurants, and even International UFO Museum. Afterwards the team was welcomed to a fully catered cook out with Tabosa Developmental Services at the Eagle Fraternity Lodge. There we threw around a football and continued a 20 year tradition of enjoying a beautiful New Mexican afternoon with members of Tabosa’s Developmental Services of all different abilities.

As the sun bid farewell to another awesome day in New Mexico the team came out together and patiently waited to have their own UFO sighting. Moments like these are very fulfilling, and after coming together and sharing the vision of the Ability Experience with members of a very unique town like Roswell. It is something else to come together and reflect on the labors of a very successful day. No Aliens were seen, but the memories the team made in Roswell were out of this World!

Andres Eduardo Gomez

 Eta Gamma (CU Boulder – Sko Buffs!)