Christian (center) and his teammates Chad and Evan walk back from a delicious sponsored dinner Reid Cooper

July 9, 2017 – Lubbock, TX – 0 miles 
Today, we had a day off in Lubbock, Texas full of amazing experiences. The day started with a friendship visit at the Lubbock State Supported School. I knew that we were in for a good time when Joey (our PM) told us to put our swimsuits on. The event ended up being a water party where all the clients and team members had water guns, running around shooting water at each other. Everyone there ran around with a smile on their face and you could feel the joy and excitement in the air. Snow cones were served, and the team took the opportunity to play sand volleyball  and relax with some of the clients.
 I took one look around and saw the fun everyone was having and realized how lucky I am to be apart of this team. It was the day off our team needed and I could see how happy everyone was. The meals served that day were amazing and we can’t thank Lubbock State Supported School enough for providing us both food and lodging during our time in Lubbock. Today is a day I will never forget and can’t get over the happiness I saw from each and every person at our friendship visit. 

Christian (Bambi) Nopper
Beta Iota (Toledo)