June 21, 2017 – Las Vegas, NV to Bullhead City, AZ – 110 miles 
Summer solstice was no joke today. In fact, Bullhead city was ranked 2nd in the hottest places on earth today, what better way to celebrate that by trying to cycle 110 miles in it? After 25 miles out of Vegas and gallons of water later it was smart to call a temporary rack. The last 25 miles were perfect. We had the chance to take on large descents and take pictures in front of the Arizona state line sign. By the time we rolled into the Bullhead city middle school, temperatures had reached 120 degrees. Thankfully the gym was cool and we had plenty of chocolate milk to recover.
For me, today was a bummer. Earlier in the day I had my baggage stolen. I searched everywhere in the gym, called the hotel in Vegas and after a few hours, gave in to the fact my things for the trip were stolen. My computer, clothes, new shoes and most importantly my team journal.
But I didn’t let this speed bump ruin it for me. One of my fellow cyclists, Dean, was kind enough to organize a system to have people Venmo me $5-$15 to help me pay for the things that were stolen from me. It was easily the kindest thing anyone has done for me.
For our sponsorship dinner we visited the Bullhead City Masonic Lodge where they fed us heaping amounts of pasta and lasagna… which lead me to over eating (don’t regret it). The leaders of the lodge then told us about the philanthropic work they do in the community to better themselves and the people around them. A trait that The Ability Experience shares with them. 
Overall the day had its mountains and valleys, but so do the bike rides we endeavor. Though the bottom of the valley may be discouraging, with persistence and a good attitude focused on our goal, we can reach the mountains we see in every situation we encounter.
Grant Guernsey
Oregon State. – Alpha Zeta