June 23, 2017 – Lake Havasu – 0 miles 

Today was an awesome rest day. We went to The Refuge Country Club and Golf Resort this morning for breakfast  and lunch. They fed us great as well as closing down the place and allowing us to use their pool area and golf course in between breakfast and lunch. After lunch we went back to our lodging where many of us took naps and hung out for a few hours before going out to dinner.

For dinner, we went out on a yacht (sponsored by the Lake Havasi Yaght Club) around Lake Havasu where we got to hangout at the boathouse and even take a dip into the water. Once again we were fed very well and had time to relax and get to know the captain of the ship, the crew, and the sponsors that took us out. All and all today was a great rest day and one to remember. We had the chance to relax and unwind as well as have some fun in the water. Lake Havasu is one for the books.

Ethan Press 

Delta Alpha (Virginia Tech)