Jun 26, 2017 – Wickenburg, AZ to Tempe, AZ – 85 miles 

Today, our Journey of Hope south route team made it’s way through Arizona from Wickenburg to Tempe, home of the Arizona State Sun Devils. The trip in total was right around 85 miles and we stopped at the 65 mile mark to have lunch at a community center/park in Phoenix. The lunch was sponsored by the father of a Pi Alpha from a previous year, Mr. Larry Quinn. He brought us food from a local barbecue joint including: brisket, chicken, beans, mac and cheese and watermelon. It was delicious, and it was nice to take a nice lunch break to eat, hydrate and get out of the sun for a little bit.

After we finished eating at the park, we thanked the sponsor for his generosity and took a team photo with him. Then, we proceeded to get back on our bikes and head out for the final 20 miles into Tempe. We ended up riding right by the university’s campus which was really cool! I’m a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder so it was really interesting to see the similarities and differences in a fellow PAC 12 school.
We finished our ride at our lodging location for the night which was Redemption Church of Tempe. After we showered and relaxed for a while we visited a fellow Pi Kapp named Kainoa Spencer in the hospital who had just woken up from a coma. We hung out for a while and got to know him, and even made him an honorary team member!
Following the hospital visit, we made our way to have dinner with the Pi Kapp chapter of ASU. We had panda express for dinner sponsored by a Pi Alpha from ASU, Ryan Andrew Davis, and it was fantastic! Best Buddies at ASU also brought some of their clients by to hang out and have a friendship visit. We hung out by the pool and played all sorts of different games. We finished up there and said our goodbyes and then went back to lodging to get some rest. Overall, our day was busy, but great!
Jacob Don Sing 
Eta Gamma (University of Colorado at Boulder)