June 27, 2017 – Tempe, AZ to Globe, AZ – 80 miles 

The ride into globe was a big day for us! We are moving swiftly through Arizona and are getting excited for New Mexico. Globe was definitely a small town, but the team enjoyed it. The weather was a nice and cool 90-100 degrees and we were ecstatic to be out of the heat. 

The team rode hard and got some shots up on the basketball court at lodging after a successful day on the bike (I put on an absolute clinic on the basketball court in 2 on 2). The scenery is slowly changing the further east we travel, and today we saw a cactus forest for the first time. I’m excited to see what kind of things the rest of the journey will hold!

Dinner in Globe was delicious. A local group lead by a Daniel Guthrey fed the team fried chicken and summer salads. The food was amazing and definitely a change of pace from what we have been having lately. 
Tonight will be an early night for the team as we journey to Lakeside tomorrow on one of the more notorious rides of the trip. I am looking forward to see what tomorrow holds and am hoping to see the team finish strong on this long ride. 
Connor Riggs – crew PR 
Oregon  State (Alpha Zeta)