June 28, 2017 – Globe, AZ to Lakeside, AZ – 95 miles

Globe to Lakeside is often looked upon as one of the most difficult rides of the south route of Journey of Hope. With 95 miles to ride and 10,000 feet of elevation gain, it gives us good reason to think so. The ride held up to the rumors our team had given it. We cycled out of Globe at 6 in the morning not quite sure what to expect but acknowledging that the weather was cool (under 100°). The ride was unforgiving from the start, immediately climbing just to descend and climb yet again. Eventually we made it to the Salt River Canyon and descended nearly 3,000 feet only to climb straight back up the other side.
The beauty of our surroundings helped take our minds off the burning sensation in our legs and push through to the top. We continued pushing all the way to lakeside where, near the end, a tailwind seemed to be pushing each of us along as if saying “you made it this far, you have to go all the way”. Globe to Lakeside in my opinion was the most beautiful of our rides but also hands down the most difficult. Tomorrow brings another state in New Mexico, hopefully it brings the same views that Arizona gave the team.
Once we arrived into Lakeside, we were greeted at lodging with snacks and drinks. Our sponser, The Church of Our Savior, fed us a delicious pasta dinner and gave us a comfortable place to sleep. Tomorrow, we will hit 1,000 miles as a team and cross another state line! We’re definitely looking forward to New Mexico and staying at an Indian reservation tomorrow!
Chad Whitehead
Beta Eta (Florida State University)