Monday, July 1, 2019

Today the team had beautiful weather as we rode 56.9 miles from Fort Collins to Boulder. The
team started the day with some surprise guests for our “ride alongs.” Dustin Jackson, one our team’s
cycling coaches rejoined the team for the day. Rick Wilhelm, a former TransAmerica cyclist, also joined
the ranks. We were also joined by two Journey of Hope legends, Jim Karlovec and Bruce Rogers. The
ride was certainly one of our more relaxed journeys of the trip, but days like this are just as important
and impactful as our century days where we ride over 100 miles. On a day like today, the team has a
rare moment to forget about beating rack times, forget about hitting top speeds, and just enjoy the
simple act of riding our bikes alongside brothers. It is days like today that we can chat, laugh, and learn
about each other while taking in the true beauty of Colorado from the saddle of a road bike.

Upon our arrival at lodging, we were greeted with an amazing barbecue lunch sponsored by our
ride along guest, Rick Wilhelm. After lunch, the team cleared the floors and practiced our dance routine
in preparation for our (friendly) showdown with the North Route team in Denver. In just a matter of
days, Mike Bailey and Hyun Choi, two of our team members, put together and awesome dance that we
are pretty sure will bring victory to the TransAmerica team. Later that evening, the team travelled to
Cam Peterson’s beautiful home in Boulder for a sponsored dinner. We were delighted to arrive to the
smell of burgers, hot dogs, and bratwursts. The team could not express enough how grateful we were
for the Peterson family and their incredible generosity.

The team ended the day at a local carwash to clean off the Sprinter vans to ensure they
remained in pristine condition for our arrival in Denver. Ironically, the sky opened up and we drove back
in a heavy rainstorm right after finishing the clean up. Tomorrow we head to Denver to meet up with
our brother’s from North Route. The team continues to remain Vigilant and cannot wait to see our
families in Denver at the capital!

-Dan Gogue