Monday, July 1, 2019

Our first work day at Rocky Mountain Village! We had breakfast at camp with JOH North and it was really cool to meet all the brothers on the North team. After breakfast we prepared all the tools we would need for this week of work at both of the worksites while JOH North did camp programming with the campers. Once we planned out what we were going to work on we started mixing and pouring concrete footings for the boardwalk by the zip lines we are going to work on this week. It was a little tough getting used to the altitude but I’m sure by Wednesday we’ll all be acclimated to it. After the workday we showered and got ready for dinner. From dinner everyone went to the stage outside and there was a band playing all kinds of songs, and to make sure all the campers were having a good time us and JOH North started dancing to the music and the campers stepped in and started dancing too. Overall it was a great day and it was exciting getting to meet the JOH North team!

– Mahfouz Batshoun University of Louisville (ΒΓ)