Monday, July 15, 2019

The scenery riding to Olathe, Kansas was beautiful! Lots of green pastures, soy beans, and corn fields. There were plenty of trees on our ride that shaded us from the hot sun. It was nice to not bake on our 95 mile ride. We rode into Olathe in with a police escort and were greeted by about 50 people cheering us on. We were all honored that the mayor of Olathe named July 15th, Ability Experience Day and gave us a plague to commemorate it too! Great Clips gave us all free hair cuts and then we were off to our friendship visit. After that we ate a sponsored dinner at Debbie Horn’s house. She made amazing BBQ and we also got to swim in her pool. Olathe and the sponsors treated us like we were kings on our first night.

-Cameron Murer