Monday, July 24, 2017

Our second day in Milwaukee was a great opportunity for the entire team to catch up on chores, errands, and some much needed relaxation time. After getting a great night’s sleep, everyone branched off and made runs to do laundry, go to the local bike shop, or just do some bike cleaning and maintenance. Some of the guys went to the local “Trek” bike factory to see how a major player in the industry assembled it’s product. While I did not go, the consensus was that they has a great time and learned a lot! As the afternoon started to turn into the evening, the team got ready to head out to the local mall for a second friendship visit with the Spina Bifida Association.

Once we arrived to the mall, we were paired up as groups with the various members of the association, some of which we had met the day before so it was awesome to be able to connect with them a second time! Each individual was given $10 to spend either shopping or in the food court which was very nice! My group spent the evening shopping and just spending quality time with a young woman named Beth and her younger sister. While Beth’s communication was limited, you could see the excitement in her eyes as we helped her pick out multiple pieces of clothing from various stores around the mall. We finished out the day with everyone coming together in the food court, a very nice ending to an awesome experience!

Griffin Armstrong