Monday, July 29, 2019

The team woke up at 5:00 and had a pretty standard crew chief breakfast. From there we departed for our 90 mile ride to Lexington. It was a very scenic ride filled with lots of rolling hills and densely forested roads. It has been a good change of scenery for the team. All of us were getting a little tired of looking at endless cornfields that the Midwest had to offer. The ride went very well and we all finished on time. We had an arrival and rode into latitude arts. The friendship visit was awesome. We got to speak with a lot of the artists who came to latitude to paint and draw, and there were many very impressive pieces of art. We also got the chance to color bandanas that latitude made for us, it was a really fun time. Lunch was also at the friendship visit, it was Cane’s chicken and everyone was really excited for it. At the end of the visit we got to keep all of the headbands. We then were drove to our lodging which was at the community alternatives of Kentucky. Our friendship was also there, and we had Cane’s again for dinner, which once again the team loved. At the friendship visit we got to hang out, eat dinner, and then dance. It was a great time overall. After the visit we had our weekly team meeting in which we set goals for the upcoming week and reflected on the week we had.

-Jason Heister