Monday, July 3, 2017

The day started out later than normal with everyone sleeping in untill 8:00 am. As everyone enjoyed their sleep some of us woke up earlier to participate in the Rocky Mountain Village flag raising. This was a great way to start the day. After that JOH and the camp sazt together to share a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Once everyone had their fill we broke the team up into groups to be with the different cabins for the day. The campers and staff alike welcomed us as if we have been attending for years. As groups went to different parts of the camp such as horse riding, ziplining, and even fishing for rainbow trout; it seemed that everyone was having a grand ol time!

As the daily activities were in full swing somew of the staff approached a few of us and asked us to help with something very special. Two of the campers DJ and Butch had been attending the camp for over 40 years and wanted to relive the old days. The two used to be three but their friend had passed away. To remember him they asked if a group of us would help them up a near mountain they all had climbed in the past. Without any thought we all agreed. DJ and Butch both bond to wheelchairs once knowing they would go up the mountain could not stop smiling. With hammock like carriers four of us carried DJ, and two helped Butch. a long hike and a lot of sweat later we made it! At the viewing point of the mountain DJ and Butch began to sing the camps song. with watery eyes the two men remembered their friend. Later that night there was a concert trhat led to lots of dancing and laughter! we all had a grand time and will remember this day as one of the high points of the trip.

This Journey is about helping others and growing as men of Pi Kappa Phi, today I think we did that. it was 5 years since those men had been up that mountain… and some of the staff said it would have been difficult without us. its times like these where the purpose of this trip really comes into view and makes us all see that although we change during this trip for the better, it is not about us, but really about helping others.

Damian DeLano

Central Michigan University