Monday, July 31, 2017

Today started with splednid home made breakfast of pancakes, sausage, orange juice, milk, and ice water.  After breakfast we hit the rode on a shorter 65 mile day to Ann Arbor, Michigan,  the roads were rought be we made it.  I managed to rack up two flat tires within the first 25 miles, but with the help of my paceline and the crew van’s pumps, I kept riding hard.  Later in the ride we passed the home of Jiffy mixes, a place where Jiffy manufactures all there mixes such as cornbread.  After waiting at a crew stop to recharge a bit, we rapidly descended on a beautiful tree covered road next to a river on our way into town, one of the most pretty sections of the entire trip! 

Upon arival we were greeted by a few members at the eisenhower center, before sitting down to a great bbq chicken lunch provided by the Bowling Green chapter.  We went on to shower at the local YMCA and set up our beds in a cofference room.  Around 5 we walked over to dinner and a frienship visit consisting of yard games and softball.  The chef from the Eisenhower Center was fantastic as we consumed copious amounts of scrumptious baked ziti and grilled chicken with quiona.  We were then split up into two teams, red vs blue, and played ball.  The highlights from the game included multiple inside the park home runs, great hits from people in wheel chairs, and Matt O’Brien dropping a ball that secured the red teams victory. 

After the visit a few of us wanted to try some local flavor see some of University of Michigan’s campus so we ubered downtown.  I walked around taking in the lively downtown atmosphere, and especially enjoyed Blank Slate ice cream, before heading home to my lovely air matress.  


Andrew Anglum

Univeristy of North Carolina