Monday, June 19, 2017

After setting up camp at lodging, the team used a little free time to explore the small town of about 750 or rest at the high school. Dinner was sponsored by the local Rotary club and by 6:00 PM the cyclists were full from some “Friday night pizza”, a town tradition (though it was a Monday night).
Some highlights from the stop in Philipsburg included visits to the local coffee shop, Sweet Palace (world famous candy store), some post-dinner ice cream, and a small hike to soak in some of the gorgeous views of the Mountain West. Said one cyclist upon entering the candy store, “I think I’m in heaven, I’m never leaving.” It’s safe to say the team enjoyed their stop in the old mining town and is looking forward to the ride to Butte tomorrow.
Author: David Hicks, Cyclist (Alpha Epsilon Chapter, University of Florida)