Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday morning, June 19th we had a 5:30 wakeup time to get going and beat the heat going 70 miles from Austin, NV to Eureka, NV. It was a very challenging and rewarding day. There were some decent climbs that showed off some amazing views of Nevada. These are sights that I never had expected to see going through here. It is amazing to see all of the mountains that this state has surrounding the desert. Eureka sits atop a plateau along Route 50, so after 65 miles of riding, the final 5 miles were straight up hill to get to this awesome town. It was a challenging ride, but doing it with the guys around me made it a very memorable experience. It is moments like those that can make the trip so powerful fo everyone that is involved. In those moments you can learn a lot about yourself and how hard you can push yourself and the people around you to do something great.

When we arrived into lodging at Eureka Elementary School, we found that we were set up in a great situation at the elementary school in Eureka. And for dinner we were fortunate to be hosted in a really neat front yard by Mr. and Mrs. Mears, as well as the Eureka Lions Club. We had a great spaghetti meal provided by Mrs. Mears (that was so delicious and hit the spot) on the lawn that gave such a homey feeling, it was perfect for after the ride to unwind. That meal and games, and a little rain, left us full and satisfied and returned to lodging to get ready for our Journey onto Ely!

Ben Black


Graduated Spring 2017 

University of Florida

Alpha Epsilon 2472