Monday, June 24, 2019

Today was the first work day at Wonderland Camp in Rocky Mount, MO. We were assigned two projects, building a fence around a dumpster pad and adding more support around the beams underneath the bridge to a treehouse. I was placed on the bridge project, and it was a challenging task just because of the dry rot and damage to the beams. Today consisted of tearing up the old decking boards, removing the rotted supports, and taking out any old nails left in the beams. 

With evening programming, it was fun to talk and hang out with the campers. We got to play some basketball and watch a boat race where every cabin had to create boats with cardboard and pool noodles. I got to talk to one of the campers named Jacob, and he shared his story about a car crash when he was 5 years old that caused his disability. It was great to see a smile on his face all of the time while getting to know more about him.

– Nolan Caberto, Theta Omicron, University of Nevada, Reno