Monday, June 3, 2019

We started our fourth day of orientation with a program on nutrition and hydration. We learned the importance of getting fluid and calories in our bodies on those long, hot rides throughout the summer. After that, we went on a 36-mile practice ride that consisted of a few climbs. Our team has guys from all over the country, and those guys who had more experience climbing encouraged and gave advice. The camaraderie has been unbelievable after just four days together and we are excited to get after it this summer. A few of us had problems with shipping our bikes from home, myself included. Fortunately, the manager over at Old Town Bicycle handed me his personal bike for the entirety of orientation. All the staff was very helpful and did what they could for the team when we had problems. To end the night, we had our first Pi Alpha ritual, where we connected even more as a brotherhood. Off to Seattle tomorrow morning!

-Rob Bailey