Saturday, August 12, 2017

I know I speak for my whole team when I say today can’t be put into words. We woke up in Falls Church with a very ominous fog settled in the sky. It almost felt like a movie. We only had 10 miles to go for stage up and then 1.5 to get to the capitol lawn. It didn’t really click for me that it was my last ride until I hit the 5 mile mark and I realized we only had 5 more until we were finished. The team got to George Washington University and you could feel the readiness in the air. The other routes got there and chapter brothers said hello and shared stories while we all waited to be lined up. Finally, we were put into our double pace lines with the Pi Alphas following us in. That last mile was the longest mile of the whole trip for me. We got to the lawn which was lined with parents, friends, significant others, and staff. As soon as we stepped off the bike and headed toward the lawn, everyone was run over with a wave of anticipation and excitement. Pure joy. Almost 3 long months of being away from family and friends and arrival was such a special moment. We then were greeted by Basil, a Mr. Pi Kappa Phi award recipient, and our PMs. Afterwards we were reunited with our loved ones. That night we had a special reception for BAM and the JOH routes. It’s a day I’ll treasure and visualize for the rest of my life.

Author: Will Ford, Cyclist (Theta Alpha Chapter, University of Southern Mississippi)