Saturday, July 13, 2019

The team dusted off our bikes after a great stay at the Masonic lodge and geared up for our 110 mile ride to Emporia.   We began the day rolling through downtown Wichita to the backdrop of a Kansas sunrise. The day was hot and long—although you couldn’t tell if you were watching, as all the teams made great time throughout yet another century. We had to grit our teeth for the last few miles and endure the turbulence of a shoulder wide set of rumble strips. But that’s what cycling across the country is all about: taking on the tough conditions. Upon arrival, we found that Emporia is a charming town. It’s nicknamed “Gravel City, USA” because it is known as the Mecca for gravel biking. It just so happened that the Lunar Kanza, an annual gravel bike race, was going on right as we were there. For dinner, the Kiwanis club cooked us a fried chicken and BBQ potluck. The team had the pleasure of chowing down while meeting dozens of Kiwanis members who came out in support. It truly was one of our most engaged sponsored meals. After dinner, some guys went to check out the finish line of the gravel bike  race and enjoyed authentic Mexican food trucks and a local bluegrass ensemble. It was a great day!

-Tyler Kelly