Saturday, July 22, 2017

Today marked our 8th state, when we crossed into Wisconsin. We were headed to Madison, the home of the University of Wisconsin. Everyone was in great spirits when we left Rockford, IL, but soon that changed because rolling hills came out of nowhere. The ride seemed to take forever, just because we would get speed going down the hills and then have to go right back up another one. What was great about Madison was that we didn’t have a friendship visit planned, so once we all arrived we were able to have a lot of free time to explore the city.]

After a long tough ride some of us decided to go see the new movie Dunkirk. That was one of the best parts of the day, because we were able to just relax and enjoy ourselves. After the movie things got even better, because we had per diem dinner. That always puts us in great moods, because we are able to pick exactly where we want to eat. After dinner we still had several hours before we had to be back at Covenant Presbyterian Church, so a group of us decided to walk down to Wisconsin’s football stadium. Luckily there was a gate open and we were able to go out on the field, and really get a feel of how big the stadium and field really is.

Once we finally got back to lodging everyone was exhausted from exploring Madison, that everyone was asleep by 9:30!

What a great first day we had in Wisconsin, and just made us look forward to the coming days in Milwaukee!

Everett Fuller