Saturday, July 29, 2017

Today we get to ride into my hometown Cincinnati! After breakfast provided by my chapter brother–Mike McBride’s– family we set out on the road for our 100 mile day! It was unseasonably cool to start the morning which was really great, and it stayed relatively cool throughout the day as well. As we got closer to the city, I began recognizing what roads we were on and how we were going to get up to University of Cincinnati’s campus to the Theta Chapter house. About fifteen miles or so from lodging we saw a few people further up the road taking pictures of us.. and once we got close I recognized my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma! They then followed us up to campus where the rest of my family was also waiting at lodging. It was a really great experience riding back home.. and being able to say that I rode from the west coast home.. and then kept going!

Author: Chris Beck, Cyclist (Omega Chapter, Purdue University)